With A Sustainable Alternative Media


We recycle glass into a sustainable pool filter sand replacement.

Every year restaurants & pubs send hundreds of thousands of tons of glass to landfill. This is like throwing money away.  A large portion of recycled glass is sent remelted & reused as new glass bottles. However, some green & brown glass is not suitable, nor wanted by the bottle manufacturers. We divert this glass from landfill and upcycle it.

Before we reuse the glass, we carefully process it. The glass is sorted, cleaned & sterilised with Heat treatment. Processed cullet is crushed & ground into sharp free sand. This glass media is packed & bagged into grade sizes developed specifically for water filtration.


UK government-backed tests have shown glass media can outperform traditional silica sand. This superior efficiency can produce reduced the backwashing requirement. Using less water, power and chemicals to clean water saves you money!


Sand used for water filtration is not found on the beach or deserts. It is a finite resource, mined and extracted.  Demand is outstripping supply. Sand & gravel are some of the most-extracted materials in the world, exceeding fossil fuels.

Choosing a sustainable product helps save Earth's resources too. It has been calculated every 1 ton of glass media used reduces 

1 ton of landfill & saves up to 1.25 tons of CO2 emissions a year




Switch From Sand & Save Money


Filter Sand Is A Finite Resource


Independent Reports by WRAP