We are looking for new distribution partners across Europe and beyond to promote a sustainable alternative to traditional silica sand filtration. Durafilter is a proven filtration media made 100% from recycled glass & used in UK public swimming pools for over 8 years. We now export it to Australia.

The grade of sand traditionally used for water filtration and construction is not found on the beach and in deserts, it is mined. Reseach shows the world is facing a global sand crisis. Demand is outstripping supply as it becomes one of the most-extracted materials in the world, exceeding fossil fuels. Durafilter helps to solve this problem.

Unlike many other materials glass is infinitely reusable. We RECYCLE  glass and REUSE it as filter media. This REDUCES landfill and carbon emissions.

When it come to water filtration, there is no reason to continue depleting a resource when you can recycle and reuse a material to perform the same function more efficiently.


1/ BRANDED - sell Durafilter grade 1-3 as a branded product and share our online marketing. FCL price = £120 per ton EX Works

2/ WHITE LABEL - we supply you product in clear bags - you attach your own branding. FCL price = £115 per ton EX Works

3/ OWN BRAND -  To engage this service you pay £2000 in advance and we create 7000 x 15kg bags for you We will appoint you exclusive distribution rights in your territory for 12 months. We bag and ship to order FCL of your own bag designs for £110 per ton EX WORKS