The Easy Way to Sparkling Clean Water !

The easy way to make your pool ready for summer (& to save money) is to service the pool filter by replacing the pool filter sand. Buy a bag of pool filter sand replacement glass media, have it delivered today and start dreaming of sun-kissed days by the pool!

The single largest surface area exposed to contamination in a swimming pool is the sand within the filter units.  Every cubic metre of filter sand has a surface area in the region of 3000 square metres!

Traditional pool filter sand becomes widely colonized by a range of bacterial agents within a few days. Alginates excreted by these bacteria glue the sand grains together and prevent the filters from working efficiently. These clumps can form tri-chloramines which can produce that unpleasant pool chemical smell. Yuck!

So it is good practice to replace pool filter sand regularly to ensure efficient filtration.

Not only will water quality will be improved, but if you replace pool filter sand for a more efficient filtration media you will save money on running costs too.

Replace Your Pool Filter Sand Now!

Glass media proven is more efficient than sand because it is more resistant to bacterial colonization. If you harness this efficiency with a new backwash regime, less power, water, chemicals are required to keep your pool crystal. Imagine how you can use this sustainable media to filter clean, clear pool water that sparkles like a sunkissed Australian pool!

Evoclear Glass Filter Media is conveniently supplied as a combined fine and coarse grade comprised of 1-2mm particles in15kg bags are a handy size easy to manage & install. This premium grade has been carefully formulated for Australian domestic pools & mixed to result in ideal particle distribution throughout the entire filter bed, providing excellent filtration.

Glass has a density 15%-20 lower than sand, depending on grade. Therefore, on a weight for weight basis, the amount required for any specific filter will be approximately 15% less than that for sand to fill the same volume of the filter. Because of this and the operational savings, it offers exceptional value for money

Be sure to choose only sustainable recycled glass filter media. Every 15kg bag sold recycles around 100 bottles and helps reduces landfill and carbon emissions!

Why are you still using your old silica sand? Filter efficiently, with Evoclear, save money and help the environment! Too Easy as they say in Australia!

Evoclear is available in the UK & Europe exclusively on Amazon. Order with Amazon Prime for free fast delivery.