One easy way to save money is to maintain your pool filtration well. Get a good professional pool engineer to install glass media to reduce pool running costs.

The first thing to note is that glass has a density 15%-20 lower than sand, depending on grade.

Therefore, on a weight for weight basis, the amount required for any specific filter will be approximately 15% less than that for sand.

You have to buy fewer amounts of media to fill the same volume.

Glass media is more efficient than sand. The surface structure of glass particles is considerably smoother than sand. It is more resistant to bacterial colonization. So in order to save money, you must develop a new backwash regime taking this into account.

Therefore, combined with a careful water management program by your pool engineer, recycled glass can produce significant operational cost savings for your pool.

Less power, water, and chemicals are required to keep your pool crystal clean.

save money install glass media into a fiberglass domestic swimming pool filtration systems to replace sand

Check Prices & Grade sizes & Loading

Always install glass media graded to PAS 102 for use in water filtration. In addition, select media that has been treated by heat. Cheaper, untreated glass media should not be used in pools, except for blast cleaning.  

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