Independent WRAP Trials

Sand v glass media. Replacing filter sand with recycled glass is common practice in swimming pools now. Surprisingly, this is initially a consequence of the British public's love of wine, beer, and the planet!

Put simply, the UK imports a lot of drink bottles. The British public recycles nearly a million tons of glass annually. This produces an excess of glass cullet. Glass can be infinitely recycled but not all of this cullet is suitable to recycle back into bottles. So the UK government backed the independent recycling body WRAP to undertake extensive trials to establish and report on the viability of new markets for recycled glass.

WRAP successfully trialled using glass to replace filter sand and released the results in a 66-page report.

Replacing filter sand.

These independent studies from leading water filtration experts, show glass to be a highly efficient filtration media that clearly out-performs sand. WRAP trials conducted in the UK  by leading experts Aqua Enviro also concluded that:

“In order to reprocess recycled glass to PAS 102 standard, approximately 73 kg CO2/tonne of media is produced compared to 2 kg CO2/tonne of silica sand.

However, when the application benefit is taken into account, this work has shown that replacing sand with glass as a filtration media delivers savings which may equate to as much as 1,261 kg CO2/tonne/annum of media produced, resulting in a substantial net environmental benefit.

These CO2 savings arise largely from the superior performance of glass and resulting reduced pump run times.”


We recycle glass and sterilize it with heat treatment. Once it is clean, we crush & process the media. We grade glass to PAS102 specifications. This ensures safe and effective filtration.

When you SPECIFY DURAFILTER  you will recycle approximately 3000 wine bottles for every ton of filter sand you replace!

In conclusion, alongside the positive environmental issues of using a recycled product, (reduced land fill and greenhouse gas emission) the greater operating efficiency of recycled glass saves costs.

Power, water and chemical use can all be reduced!



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