British restaurants and pubs annually throw over 200,000 tonnes of glass into landfill. Crushed recycled glass media is the perfect replacement for filter sand. So for the pool industry, this is like throwing money away.

The UK recycles some of the best glass media. It produces outstanding water clarity. We now export it across the world. Many Australian pools replace sand with recycled glass. Much of this media comes from the UK.

Recycling reduces waste, landfill and greenhouse gas emissions. Best of all, recycled glass media is highly efficient. It delivers many operational savings for eco-friendly pools.

crushed recycled glass media replaces sand in filters


When cleaned and graded, recycled glass can be sold at a premium.

Check out some prices at DOLPHIN POOLSPOOL WAREHOUSE UK  &  FUN FANTASTIC. These UK retailers profit by selling a sustainable product. Each time they sell a 25kg bag of media almost 150 small beer bottles are recycled!

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40 x 25 kg bags of crushed recycled glass media:

  • recycles the equivalent of 3000 wine bottles.
  • saves the release 315 kgs of greenhouse gas.
  • reduces UK landfill by 1 TON

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