Install glass media to reduce running costs & extend Steel filter life

When refurbishing steel sand filters recycled glass media will last for a minimum of 10 years without the need for replacement.  If correctly refurbished, this saves the extra cost of a 5-year interim pool shut-downs. This will also reduce the landfill requirement of spent media by 50%.

Refurbishing steel sand filters

1/ Remove and carefully dispose of all old silica sand.

2/ Blast and reline steel surface with a solvent free epoxy like ChemicoatWRC.

3/ Retain or replacing lateral underdrain systems with 6mm diam. perforations.

4/ Cover laterals with Coarse Grade 3 media.

5/ Add a middle layer of grade 2 and a final top layer of Grade 1 to the following ratios:

Bottom layer 20% Grade 3 glass media.
Middle layer 20% Grade 2 glass media.
Top layer 60% Grade 1 glass media.

6/ Recommission filter.

install glass media when refurbishing steel sand filters in swimming pools and reduce running costs

Every pool is different. In order to achieve maximum savings measure your data. After your filtration contractor has installed new media, carefully monitor and compare the technical and performance data from your pool.  Next, establish the most efficient new water quality regime. Reduce backwash according to specific bather-usage levels. As a result, you will achieve significant savings from reductions in water, energy and chemical usage.


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